Pritha Bhadra is an emerging floral and portrait painter based in Singapore. Her traditional paintings focus on daily life, encompassing portraits and still life compositions.

Growing up in a small town nestled in the Himalayan foothills in India, the surrounding people and nature inspired her from an early age. She eventually started drawing and painting before focusing on a degree in biotechnology. During her years of education, she continued to find joy in engaging in art during her free time, as well as immersing herself in reading about art.
Graduating with a Masters degree in Biotechnology, she eventually moved to Singapore about 15 years later, where her love for art rekindled by the city’s dynamic art scene and supportive community – which provided her with encouragement to pursue her vision.
Ever since, Pritha Bhadra’s acclaimed artworks have gained recognition in competitions held by international art magazines like Plein Air Salon and Arts to Hearts Project, and can be found in private collections in Singapore and India.
She actively participates in Singapore’s art community and is a supporter of women’s liberation causes.


As a traditional floral and portrait artist, I draw and paint with oil, graphite and charcoal in the traditional realism style infused with a contemporary touch.

My creative process starts with an emotional spark triggered by something I see, whether it’s flowers, people or still life. Subsequently, I engage in creating studies of these subjects before getting started on the actual painting. Throughout the painting process, I explore various brushstrokes and colors, experimenting to bring my artistic vision to life.

I draw substantial inspiration from the wisdom of revered masters like William Adolphe Bouguereau, Henry Fantin Latour among many others.

Through my drawings and paintings, my goal is to reveal the profound simplistic beauty that surrounds us and I want the viewer to embark on a journey of discovery and emotions. My wish, for those who experience my art, is to be captivated by the glimpses of everyday life and nature, leaving them captivated and inspired. 

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