Client Testimonials


I love fine art and I am absolutely in love with the beautiful painting that I bought from Pritha. I follow her work regularly and it would be an understatement to say that I find it amazing. Not only is Pritha a really talented artist but the sheer amount of time and meticulous effort that she puts into her craft is inspiring – it amplifies the value of her beautiful creations. In my humble opinion, photographs do not do enough justice to her work – her drawings and paintings are in fact much more captivating in real life. Her professionalism and eye for detail does not miss anything, whether it is the painting in question or the charming packaging it comes in. I would sincerely recommend Pritha’s “works of art” to all art lovers who truly appreciate the essence intrinsic to a beautiful piece of art.


Pritha created a portrait of our daughter which has since then been a cornerstone at our place. The portrait has warmth, depth, accuracy, but most importantly it captures the personality of the subject such that almost every first-time viewer assumes the painting is a black and white photograph. We have collected some art over the years but mostly from unknown artists – this was the first time where we knew the artist and saw the magic happen real time- an amazing experience. It’s a joy to let others know that we are friends with such a talented artist 🙂


I have had the honour of Pritha doing a portrait sketch of myself and I also purchased an oil painting from her. Words cannot express the sheer talent and dedication that Pritha pours into her artwork. Her paintings are not just mere creations on canvas, they are masterpieces that come to life with attention to detail. Pritha possesses a rare gift of capturing the essence of her subjects in such a way that they appear almost tangible. Whether it’s a portrait, a landscaped or even an inanimate object, her ability to bring it to life is truly extraordinary. In conclusion, Pritha’s paintings are a testament to her immense talent, and I whole heartedly recommend Pritha’s artworks to anyone seeking to be captivated by the beauty of the world through the eyes of a gifted artist. Lastly, Pritha is also patient and professional in all discussions, including exquisite packaging of the artworks. A fan of Pritha’s Artworks.