I would be happy to do a commissioned piece of art. Although my most common works are portraits, flowers and still life paintings, I will be glad to discuss other options too that you might have in mind.
To commission a drawing or painting, please get in touch.

Also, for additional details on the commissioning process, please refer to the FAQs below. If you have any questions that are not listed in the FAQs, please get in touch with the artist. 

For portrait commissions within Singapore, I would prefer to meet the portrait subject in person, have the person come by my studio or me visiting your place for some short studies and taking clear high resolution photographs for the artwork. However, I do understand that there might be situations where meeting the portrait subject may not be possible as the subject may be located outside of Singapore. In these situations, I can work from clear high resolution photos which need to be sent to the artist via email at

If you are sending me photos for a commission, I would prefer photos as below:

  • The subject should be photographed with a high quality camera and lens, preferably in soft natural lighting such as a north light window or overcast outdoors.

  • No flash used.

  • Use simple clothing for the subject (for portraits). If you’re unsure, we can discuss and come up with something suitable.

  • For portrait subjects, soft smiles or serene expression, preferably with no teeth showing. No makeup should be applied as well. 

  • I won’t be able to work with photos taken at an angle with distortion (examples of distortion would be things like shapes looking different from normal, portraits edited with beauty apps where the bone structure gets distorted).

  • I won’t be able to work on photos edited using beauty apps or any other photo editing apps. I would require original images taken by a good quality camera or phone camera with no editing done.

I would highly encourage you to send multiple photo references so that I can get a general idea of the subject which can help me build a good composition.

The smallest size for portrait would be 9×12 inches as a size smaller than this may not look very nice when framed and hung. Portrait drawings for a 9×12 inches size is at SGD 320, while portrait painting (oil painting) for a 9×12 inches size is at SGD 430. For bigger sizes and options, kindly contact me directly. After the pricing is confirmed, I would require 40% deposit of the total commission price to be paid upon acceptance of the commission, prior to start of the commission work and this amount is non-refundable. Payment mode can be discussed and sorted out. Rest 60% can be paid once the artwork is sent to the buyer and the buyer is satisfied with the artwork.

Commission details will be discussed between the artist and buyer prior to the start of the work. Kindly note that any changes requested by the buyer after the work is finished or more than 50% complete or at a mid stage where major changes are being requested may require substantial additional hours and hence may entail additional charges. 

If the buyer is not happy with the artwork, the buyer may choose to return the artwork to the artist. The initial 40% deposit is non refundable. The rest of the amount for refund, will be discussed between the buyer and the artist. Please refer to our return policy for details (

Commission work doesn’t include the price of framing. If it’s a smaller size, no framing or a basic frame may be included at the request of the buyer at minimal additional cost. If it’s a bigger size painting, custom size frame can be included at the request of the buyer at no additional cost. Including a frame, may entail additional shipping charges (depending on the size and weight of the frame). Please discuss these details with the artist and we can come up with a solution that works best for you. 

Artist will own the copyright and the right to show the piece in her portfolio, and will retain electronic files of it for use in exhibits, competitions, etc, including her website. However for portrait commissions, the artist will agree to respect anonymity if requested by the buyer. The artist will send a commission form to the buyer to complete these details prior to starting the commission.