A Sunflower


Size:12×8.5 inches
Medium & Material:Medium: Oil; Material: Cotton canvas stretched on wooden stretcher bars
Style: Realism, Contemporary, Fine Art, Modern
Artwork Type: Original Artwork
Framing: Not Included

Sunflowers hold a special place in my heart, and I find joy in bringing their beauty into my home by occasionally purchasing them from the market. It was during one of these moments of admiration that the idea to paint a sunflower emerged. This artwork is heavily influenced by the striking beauty and vibrancy of the sunflower, as I sought to capture its essence on canvas.

Just as the sunflower has the power to illuminate any space with its radiant presence, I hope that this painting, with its bright and lively composition, will bring light and warmth to every corner of your home. May it serve as a visual reminder of the uplifting and invigorating qualities that sunflowers possess, brightening your surroundings and lifting your spirits.

The painting is done on a cotton canvas stretched on canvas bars and will be shipped this way. Framing is not included. Framed photo of the painting on the wall is shown for representational purposes only.

The artwork comes with an Art Authenticity Certificate. For information about packaging and Art Authenticity Certificate, check it out here https://prithaartworks.com/artwork-packaging-and-authenticity-certificate

If you have any enquiry or would like to know more about this piece of artwork, please Get in touch with the artist at prithaartworks@gmail.com.