Cut Oranges


Size: 8×10 inches

Medium & Material: Medium: Oil; Material: Linen canvas stuck on wooden board

Style: Realism, Contemporary, Fine Art, Modern

Artwork Type: Original Artwork

Framing: Framed

The artwork titled ‘Cut Oranges’ represents an endeavor to encapsulate the allure of everyday existence. In my north-facing studio, I’m blessed with exquisite natural light, and I aimed to capture its gentle embrace of these segmented orange pieces. This painting serves as a reminder of the intrinsic beauty within even the simplest of objects, such as an orange. It encourages viewers to contemplate that, in life, everything and everyone possesses a unique beauty if we possess the discerning eye to perceive it. The painting’s style is a fusion of classical painting techniques reminiscent of the old masters, infused with a contemporary sensibility. This painting was selected as one of the top 100 finalists in the Plein Air Salon magazine competition. 

The painting is done on a linen canvas stuck on a wooden board and will be shipped this way. Framing is not included. Framed photo of the painting on the wall is shown for representational purposes only.

The artwork comes with an Art Authenticity Certificate. For information about packaging and Art Authenticity Certificate, check it out here:

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