Flowers in a jar


Size: 10×8 inches

Medium: Oil

Material: Linen canvas pinned on wooden board

Style: Realism, Contemporary, Fine Art

Artwork Type: Original Artwork

Genre: Still Life

Framing: Framed

This painting of a jar filled with flowers celebrates the beauty found in life’s everyday simplicity. It serves as a poignant reminder that even the most unassuming things in life possess a unique beauty and the power to bring tranquility to our minds. Through this artwork, I aimed to convey the profound serenity that can be derived from something as modest as a jar containing two petite flowers. The painting’s style is deeply rooted in the influence of Henry Fantin Latour, an artist whose works I deeply admire and draw significant inspiration from. I have meticulously studied the types of backgrounds he employed and incorporated them into this piece, infusing it with a contemporary and modern flair.

The painting is done on a linen canvas which is pinned on a wooden board and framed using a beautiful custom made frame. If the buyer prefers to be shipped without the frame, the frame can be removed and shipped. Framed photo of the painting doesn’t show the exact frame, framed photo on the wall is shown for representational purposes only. If you wish to see the actual framed photo, please email the artist.

The artwork comes with an Art Authenticity Certificate. For information about packaging and Art Authenticity Certificate, check it out here:

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