Artwork Packaging & Authenticity Certificate

Artwork Packaging

Artwork packaging is an essential aspect of any art piece. It ensures that the artwork is well protected from any potential damage during transit or storage. At Pritha Artworks, we ensure that the packaging is carefully designed to fit the dimensions of the artwork, with protection to protect it from any impact. All artworks are packaged with wax paper followed by brown paper and bubble wrap before placing them in the box. The material used for packaging is also sturdy enough to provide adequate protection while still being lightweight to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. Additionally, we include information such as “fragile” or “this side up” to guide handlers during transport. The photo below is an example to show the neat and elegant packaging of the artwork prior to wrapping it with a bubble wrap and placing it in in the box.

Art Authenticity Certificate

An art authenticity certificate is a document that serves as proof that an artwork is genuine and was created by the artist it is attributed to. The certificate typically includes details about the artwork, such as its title, medium, dimensions, and edition number. It may also include information about the artist, such as their signature, biographical details, and a photograph of the artwork. It is a protection from fraud and protects the value of the artwork.

Every artwork you buy at Pritha Artworks comes with an Art Authenticity Certificate which includes all the above details, signed and dated by the artist and sealed so that you are comforted that the artwork is genuine and ensures the value that you’re paying for.

Below is an example of how the certificate would look like and the packaging.